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Lance Thirtyacre

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Kimani Hutchinson
Kimani Hutchinson پیش 8 ساعت
The Camrea is good.
Nova gang
Nova gang پیش 4 روز
ok wait i am a girl how dus that work
Faze Narwall
Faze Narwall پیش 8 روز
can you lower the price on the jeffy doll
Gisbel Santamaria
Gisbel Santamaria پیش 9 روز
Lance why u had sun glasses in the car😂
Carson Weisenfluhi
Carson Weisenfluhi پیش 11 روز
Make a jeffy Voice
Xomar YT
Xomar YT پیش 17 روز
Lance can you make a vid about jeffy dies that would be insane
Draco Doll
Draco Doll پیش 18 روز
😭😭😭 I swear Lance & Logan got me in trouble because I accidentally unmuted the mic for my science class and i said “uhhh put it in my bowl daddy” I was grounded for a week😭
its just the plush boy
its just the plush boy پیش 18 روز
Is Face eater gonna be in the merch store?
Isaihn Rivera
Isaihn Rivera پیش 18 روز
Junior finds out he is related to jeffy
DupremeDavid پیش 19 روز
I can literally hear him out saying Jffy I’m srry for yelling at yu 18:11
Tymon Dziadkowiec
Tymon Dziadkowiec پیش 19 روز
asassaśssssaasaąasassssssśsssssdsssssss vvmnbnnvmvmbnnnm
Tymon Dziadkowiec
Tymon Dziadkowiec پیش 19 روز
Tymon Dziadkowiec
Tymon Dziadkowiec پیش 19 روز
tfnnb jcmmnfvv
Tymon Dziadkowiec
Tymon Dziadkowiec پیش 19 روز
snbvnnannvnvsa jorrb
Austin Melnechuk
Austin Melnechuk پیش 19 روز
Do Jeffy before life with his mom
jimbob Gaming
jimbob Gaming پیش 26 روز
Is it just me or is Jeffy is 3 times the size then Mario and Rosalina it honistaly hillarious
Michelle Taira
Michelle Taira پیش 27 روز
Had u said the f Word
Billy Stanback
Billy Stanback پیش 27 روز
My brother said Elaina was like that’s got to hurt. 15:32
hi sml I got a great video for you guys to do it called Jeffy goes to the mall for example if you wanted to go to the mall and Mario said no and then he gets so mad and he screams and you said fine fine Jeffy we will go to the mall I really want to see that video please make that video I like a huge fan but like a HUGE FAN so far I hope to see the video I hope please do Jeffy goes to the mall please thanks bye
Puppet Mann Paul
Puppet Mann Paul پیش 29 روز
What the heck Logen why ar you wering a masck ner pogy
Spongebob پیش 29 روز
Jeremy Wheaton
Jeremy Wheaton پیش 29 روز
I'm was watching all of your video
Jeremy Wheaton
Jeremy Wheaton پیش 29 روز
It is funny
Jeremy Wheaton
Jeremy Wheaton پیش 29 روز
I was watching all of your video I'm a fan
Angel Gamble
Angel Gamble پیش ماه
People are saying Logan's girlfriend is got arrested
Bowling Boi
Bowling Boi پیش ماه
Lance heart this comment if you remember this line from some of the old sml videos with juniors grandma "Now we have George Washington Carver, Ol'Peanut bitch!"
ssisterag123 پیش ماه
18:03 - through the rest of the video you can tell that lances face was getting super red after moaning😂😂
Clipzy Josephlu10
Clipzy Josephlu10 پیش ماه
I love your videos keep going ❤️
April B
April B پیش ماه
That's cool. I wanna visit
Road Runner
Road Runner پیش ماه
i have
Fiona Alexander
Fiona Alexander پیش ماه
So did my comment get a Visio game in the official
Eric desantiago
Eric desantiago پیش ماه
brayan Vaal
brayan Vaal پیش ماه
Are you guys are really locked in prison
Chris Carhart
Chris Carhart پیش ماه
YOOOOOO YOU GUYS I HAVE THAT GLITTER THING TOO!!!! The one that's called Glitter Library. It gets everywhere but it's just so pretty (that's what she said)
All the way Massillon Tigers
All the way Massillon Tigers پیش ماه
Brandon Yearwood
Brandon Yearwood پیش ماه
I did
Sega sonic
Sega sonic پیش ماه
Zhang Sheila
Zhang Sheila پیش ماه
Jayden Lucky
Jayden Lucky پیش ماه
Kenny Garcia
Kenny Garcia پیش ماه
Can you put that laugh that lance did in one of your vids please
The Tramp Bros
The Tramp Bros پیش ماه
That’s a lot of ants
Nathan Yt
Nathan Yt پیش ماه
Will Santa lick jingle balls
Jasper Mason
Jasper Mason پیش ماه
Jeffy Santa thanks that jeffy a bad boy Mario yes Jeffy why
Maria Leon
Maria Leon پیش ماه
Noble Gaga
Noble Gaga پیش ماه
Did I say Nager ass and I want to sit in an NNNNNN is the bed and it is the gym I wanna kick it and that’s only nine
Bird Daily
Bird Daily پیش ماه
Now Adriana is in prison 😂
The Architect Of The Hounds
The Architect Of The Hounds پیش ماه
I remember when Jeffy used to ram his head into things when he was called a bad boy LMFAOOOOOOO that was probably the funniest thing about him.
Purple Puffy!
Purple Puffy! پیش ماه
Eddsworld Stuffs
Eddsworld Stuffs پیش ماه
I Love How Logan Just Put Stuff In The Car And Ran Away 😂
CadeToonz پیش ماه
Awww man this prison remided me of the sml movie teaser Sad that it wont be continued
XTX Gaming
XTX Gaming پیش ماه
Brooklyn T Guy
Brooklyn T Guy پیش ماه
gladiator 1
gladiator 1 پیش ماه
Levi Ricklebottom
Levi Ricklebottom پیش ماه
Why is Lance's laugh adorable-
Jenny Taylor
Jenny Taylor پیش ماه
I said to my mom santa can lick my jingle bos
Jenny Taylor
Jenny Taylor پیش ماه
And I love it
Jenny Taylor
Jenny Taylor پیش ماه
U finished watching this video
icks gang
icks gang پیش ماه
icks gang
icks gang پیش ماه
Jr Carrell
Jr Carrell پیش ماه
im a big fan
Macros Mycee
Macros Mycee پیش ماه
Where is chilli?
Frio پیش ماه
It’s a shame adriana never left
Harley Pennell
Harley Pennell پیش ماه
Is a tiger 🐅😖😖
That1Gamer پیش ماه
LOL now its Adriana's turn xD
Kyler Morgan
Kyler Morgan پیش ماه
headass steph
headass steph پیش ماه
13:09 ok this is too funny lmaoo
levi hill
levi hill پیش ماه
You should tell logan to make a poobie claus puppet
Brenda Richardson
Brenda Richardson پیش ماه
Where you get Mario car
Astro1110 پیش ماه
Now adriana is in there fr
Aqua Monkey
Aqua Monkey پیش ماه
Adriana is filming the same thing as u
Kye Fire Gaming
Kye Fire Gaming پیش ماه
Katie P
Katie P پیش ماه
litter bottle looks like a drunk bottle 😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷🤧🤧🤧
Adena Waller
Adena Waller پیش ماه
i dare yall to go to the mall and wait for santa and yell " hooooooo~ come down my chimney Santa~"
Da Kity
Da Kity پیش ماه
Unspeakable’s better 🙃
T'Serenity Samuel
T'Serenity Samuel پیش ماه
You Guys Are The Best God Bless You Guys
Layze Zane
Layze Zane پیش ماه
does this video have any relevance with adriana geting put in jail
Tyler Robertson
Tyler Robertson پیش ماه
What Lance sounds like FREAKING Patrick Warburton!
Among us Player
Among us Player پیش ماه
Me seeing bts on there omg they are hanging out with bts what
Roblox Undertale And More
Roblox Undertale And More پیش ماه
I did
WhatTheReL پیش ماه
Funny because that’s where Adriana is now!
Billy Stanback
Billy Stanback پیش 27 روز
WhatTheReL My brother said she assault Logan because why?
WhatTheReL پیش ماه
@TheGlitchyConsole she assaulted Logan look At chilly insta
TheGlitchyConsole پیش ماه
Wait what
LiamYTT پیش ماه
Well well well how the turn tables
Carl Hall
Carl Hall پیش ماه
no cap i cant stop saying lick my jingle balls
Jacob Flores
Jacob Flores پیش ماه
And 16:6😆😂
Jacob Flores
Jacob Flores پیش ماه
LOL 😂 did you see lance face at 15:55😆
Tpxp پیش ماه
More like “Adriana WAS TRAPPED IN PRISON!!!!”
Blake Stokes
Blake Stokes پیش ماه
I love SMl
Tpxp پیش ماه
@Polar bear ik but the tittle says “was”
Polar bear
Polar bear پیش ماه
MooMooDaBest پیش ماه
True story for Adriana
Amanda Roberts
Amanda Roberts پیش ماه
I feel sorry for logan
Amanda Roberts
Amanda Roberts پیش ماه
Lol ahaha
ክልዪሁፕዐ پیش ماه
Ok gg
alfie casey
alfie casey پیش ماه
ghytrexszaq\zcvgd6dswr6wvpuehjtrqw kh.'/'][
The hanging angle covalently amuse because elizabeth coincidentally bang past a distinct acknowledgment. puny, deserted cannon
Janet Jackson
Janet Jackson پیش ماه
Face eater you freak
AlfiePlayz پیش ماه
*_I like that mario car in the backround_*
Eduardo Martinez Perez
Eduardo Martinez Perez پیش ماه
You are the best
Eduardo Martinez Perez
Eduardo Martinez Perez پیش ماه
Wwinn پیش ماه
Where Is Matthew? You Can Reply to Me If You Know
Kayteekay Kundmueller
Kayteekay Kundmueller پیش ماه
Like the the Mario lambo
sleepy z
sleepy z پیش ماه
I love sml so much i hope they see my comment ❤️🥺
Carlos Laurend
Carlos Laurend پیش ماه
To vidio in one whattt logens whereing a pink shrte
KTown Killa
KTown Killa پیش ماه
Guys Logan a blood he always wearing red and had a red bandanna in on one of his post on Instagram
Nikki Clark
Nikki Clark پیش ماه
Lance you're my favorite character I need you to like my post and make a video of me do like a video I live in California
Zek Sanchez
Zek Sanchez پیش ماه
That thumbnail looks graphic but actually not graphic.
Harpreet Singh
Harpreet Singh پیش ماه
brooklyn guy was so funny calling face eatter
Infinity Gaming
Infinity Gaming پیش ماه
I know I’m late but I always watch sml when I eat
Lucos on hotel WiFi
Lucos on hotel WiFi پیش ماه
Hey lance
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