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Lance Thirtyacre

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Lance Thirtyacre
Lance Thirtyacre پیش 3 ماه
Receive a Special Message from Your Favorite SML Character! Check Out Audrey's IRpost Channel!
Daniel Clark
Daniel Clark پیش 5 روز
@Mr Goodman I did not pay my house payment
Phantom_ Bomb
Phantom_ Bomb پیش 7 روز
I have a video idea. Can you guys do Mr. Goodman’s Origin Story
Jordan Echols
Jordan Echols پیش 17 روز
Q look
ChaBrenda Coney
ChaBrenda Coney پیش 22 روز
@Øßæ shut up why are you still here then
ChaBrenda Coney
ChaBrenda Coney پیش 22 روز
Bring back Tony the Tiger
Oscar Romero
Oscar Romero پیش 21 ساعت
Jeff and I are going to be in the office tomorrow and will be there for the interview on the office tomorrow and will be there for the interview on the office 👍😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊 daady Yankee mix
Matti Lonsinger
Matti Lonsinger پیش 22 ساعت
I love how Pablo's just sitting in the corner just like nodding his head every two seconds like oh yes I understand
Foxy Loxy
Foxy Loxy پیش روز
Also don’t forget Logan does Officer Top
Toxic Skills
Toxic Skills پیش روز
when is the precious onlyfans bro.
Dark Clips
Dark Clips پیش روز
after 2 years..
BestGuyMilton پیش 2 روز
😔🔫 😡🔪 😭🔫 😌🔪
TheSandZSquad LMAOO
TheSandZSquad LMAOO پیش 3 روز
comment - which character would you bring back Me-literally screams feebee at 1:40am👁👄👁
Eliseo Gonzalez
Eliseo Gonzalez پیش 3 روز
What gave you the idea of making Jeffy
ksjb پیش 4 روز
I love how I am probably the only one here that was here before jeffy
myles won
myles won پیش 4 روز
Logan's life is different evreyday
Grimfoxy Fazbear
Grimfoxy Fazbear پیش 4 روز
What's the problem in irl for shrek
Leon drifter meehan
Leon drifter meehan پیش 4 روز
Hi jeffy I’m a biggest fan ever
VideoGAG پیش 5 روز
Don’t forget Logan voiced the cheese loving rat from the old videos
ws47e51 پیش 5 روز
stop being mean
The Meme Rapper
The Meme Rapper پیش 5 روز
im still so mad people hate the human puppets there not even bad and they could bring supermariologan back but people are like "ewww gross" it could all be back to normal basically if people were to just get over it
Game Time
Game Time پیش 5 روز
he used to play luigi back then
Lauren and Amy World Lauren
Lauren and Amy World Lauren پیش 6 روز
Logan should love his career
Brooke Utphall
Brooke Utphall پیش 6 روز
Plz make chef Peepee quits part 7
lionmaster پیش 6 روز
No he also played youtube dumbs***
Ozzie comedian
Ozzie comedian پیش 8 روز
You have to be a true die hard fan to remember Goofy Tour Guide
J_Broskii77 پیش 8 روز
Logan and I have the same birthday
Diegsebas on switch
Diegsebas on switch پیش 8 روز
Logan talks wayyyyy tooooo fast
Plaroshi Exploshi
Plaroshi Exploshi پیش 8 روز
I know him he’s the guy who screams with a bowser plush
Midnight Tale
Midnight Tale پیش 9 روز
They didn't mentioned Anthony's meet the cast
Nader Vortex
Nader Vortex پیش 10 روز
7:52 I thought he said doofy lol
SuperJuniorPerez پیش 10 روز
I want Mama Luigi to return again
OverDrive پیش 11 روز
0:02 Cringe
cheesy cheto
cheesy cheto پیش 4 روز
If only I gave a shit lol :)
R a m d o m pug
R a m d o m pug پیش 11 روز
My only happy thing is you guys make me happy😊
CLXPZZ پیش 11 روز
He also plays wal Luigi
Sharky پیش 13 روز
For jeffy’s super powers just tell nicktendo to animate that as a anime or something
Jamal rapper
Jamal rapper پیش 13 روز
I really like his videos and I'm a big fan of Logan
Ben Russon
Ben Russon پیش 14 روز
sadsad sdadassd
sadsad sdadassd پیش 15 روز
Plz upload goodmans house
Sketti butter fo Lenchito
Sketti butter fo Lenchito پیش 16 روز
I hate to see pooby just sitting distance from them
enber storm
enber storm پیش 16 روز
I looked up mr pickles and was scare
Daimhin McCalmont
Daimhin McCalmont پیش 16 روز
What if u uploaded Goodman's house on superdaisey logan
Jay Bird
Jay Bird پیش 16 روز
You forgot to mention that we did Antman’s meet the cast
Adam D'Ettorre
Adam D'Ettorre پیش 16 روز
Logan seems happier and is chilly still his friend
Dah king of crossland
Dah king of crossland پیش 17 روز
Only real fans will know the video game
Jordan Echols
Jordan Echols پیش 17 روز
I really loved your videos
Eco پیش 18 روز
you should upload those videos at 15:50
Trenesha Brownlee
Trenesha Brownlee پیش 18 روز
Reuben Figueroa
Reuben Figueroa پیش 18 روز
Wilson Rocks13
Wilson Rocks13 پیش 19 روز
Even though there are people that are unhappy with the videos, there are still a lot of fans who think your videos are the best thing in the world 🤗
Jeanette Emery
Jeanette Emery پیش 19 روز
who is watching this in 2021
NerGxl3gacy پیش 19 روز
I forgot what video but one of them jeffy did laugh but I was a very vague laugh barely noticeable
Super Mario Jay
Super Mario Jay پیش 20 روز
I love tour guide to goofy so I found a listing that might be the original
cooper thomas
cooper thomas پیش 20 روز
I lovw that mario vart video its funny if its mario cart 7 i have it on my 3ds
Benny Mang Ceu Ciin
Benny Mang Ceu Ciin پیش 20 روز
fun fact:Oct 1st is my birthday
Zach Nicholson
Zach Nicholson پیش 20 روز
Can you bring shy guy back
Jakai Debose
Jakai Debose پیش 21 روز
when ru anopsting the winners
clickingparty پیش 23 روز
This is your dog 🐕 he is drowning keep him at the top of the comments to save him.
Isaihn Rivera
Isaihn Rivera پیش 23 روز
I remember when Logan made Mario loves to fart and lance just showed up in the background and just nodded his Head in confusion like what is he doing?
Kaif Shahzad
Kaif Shahzad پیش 23 روز
Do another Pokémon video
Kaif Shahzad
Kaif Shahzad پیش 23 روز
Do another Pokémon video
Cuco’s Wifey
Cuco’s Wifey پیش 23 روز
32:01 YESSSS Mr.Pickles is a great show!!! Love it😂🔥🔥
brandon chirs
brandon chirs پیش 24 روز
Omg my dad showed me mr pickles once and I’m 12....... very funny show BUT DONT WATCH IT KIDS
Gunner Browning
Gunner Browning پیش 24 روز
Bro I have the same birthday as Logan🎉
Carlos Hernandez
Carlos Hernandez پیش 24 روز
I wish he could of said where and when he met zeek & Luke I know that’s on his draw my life but still ogs fans where ya at
EliteX TR4CER پیش 24 روز
What ever happened to the sml movie
Joshua Ordonez Lopez
Joshua Ordonez Lopez پیش 24 روز
What was the first video you made logan
super Parker is dope
super Parker is dope پیش 24 روز
That’s what she said
Subzerocriss پیش 24 روز
What happend to chilli
Jasii Cofield
Jasii Cofield پیش 24 روز
Lamborghini Guy
ARROWPIRATE پیش 25 روز
I guess I was too late to ask why Logan hates Big Hero 6
Weekly Adventures
Weekly Adventures پیش 25 روز
31:18 omfg I’m dying
Landon Navarrete
Landon Navarrete پیش 25 روز
I know this from sml draw my life
sheila conner
sheila conner پیش 25 روز
The Supermariologan movie
Sam Nexter
Sam Nexter پیش 25 روز
Logan should make another Draw My life idk???
Nivia Gonzalez
Nivia Gonzalez پیش 26 روز
only real ogs remember when logan used to play joesph
mohammed olad
mohammed olad پیش 27 روز
he's sitting in the back with a mask lol
Zaith NS
Zaith NS پیش 27 روز
We finally saw elainas toes
User1995 پیش 11 روز
it's ugly af!
Perry Bradford
Perry Bradford پیش 14 روز
But you can see her feet in Mario sells Jeffy bts.
The Greenwolfman
The Greenwolfman پیش 27 روز
This made me sad that the haters really get to yall like this. Well I know they don't get to lovell but the rest of you all... especially Logan, if a fan shows up to your house and asks for shit say no my man its not hard
David Gameing
David Gameing پیش 28 روز
David Gameing
David Gameing پیش 28 روز
are you a vergen
nuwo2ojq 724266265262662626 zajacova
nuwo2ojq 724266265262662626 zajacova پیش 28 روز
Why does cody have a mask i dont know he's name
Queenshappystagesandfun :D
Queenshappystagesandfun :D پیش 28 روز
Pooby just- 👀 \ 👕 / \/ 👖
Sweet Itachi
Sweet Itachi پیش 29 روز
Only real ones remember candies dad
TimeCrashV5 Wu
TimeCrashV5 Wu پیش ماه
Fun Fact: Logan backstory was really tragic.
Freezie _
Freezie _ پیش ماه
When he said super Mario sunshine my face lit up
David Smith
David Smith پیش ماه
MoneyMapa پیش ماه
We need doofy the dragon
Sharpie پیش 27 روز
MoneyMapa they can't use him anymore
Elmo Vlogs
Elmo Vlogs پیش ماه
He’s the rat in the burger
Amy Palmer
Amy Palmer پیش ماه
You also used to play another character. Pixie Goblin.
Diego Flor
Diego Flor پیش ماه
The most “meh” actor
Manny Heffley
Manny Heffley پیش 2 روز
I guess you’re right but hes behind most of the jokes
Andrew Martinez
Andrew Martinez پیش ماه
Jeffys parents has 85m views
Angel Zavala
Angel Zavala پیش ماه
Angel Zavala
Angel Zavala پیش ماه
Leo Curry
Leo Curry پیش ماه
God Elainas toes are huge
Dodoy Lars Jensen
Dodoy Lars Jensen پیش ماه
he also play candys dad
Harmony Possible
Harmony Possible پیش ماه
My cat is almost 21
Harmony Possible
Harmony Possible پیش ماه
Logan plays the only character in every video the camera man
Flaming Mario bros
Flaming Mario bros پیش ماه
Us: *Interesting* Brats who are addicted to their phone: TMI
Flaming Mario bros
Flaming Mario bros پیش ماه
TMI: To Much Info
MBLobster پیش ماه
GORDON. پیش ماه
precious is older than all of sml’s fans
Junior Mboya
Junior Mboya پیش ماه
They look so much happier without “the bad people”
Jessica Saez
Jessica Saez پیش ماه
Logan make more SpongeBob videos
Your-local -trash
Your-local -trash پیش ماه
Super A Gaming_064
Super A Gaming_064 پیش ماه
Let’s guive 75k likes to this video so we can get the ending of ChefPeePee quits
Super A Gaming_064
Super A Gaming_064 پیش ماه
Would you like to add Baby Mario to the cast?
Brandon Green
Brandon Green پیش ماه
0:08 lance has to say lainyard every time
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