Junior STOLE From Mr. Goodman!!! *BTS*

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Rosi Mendoza
Rosi Mendoza پیش 13 روز
Jacob Kingrey
Jacob Kingrey پیش 14 روز
F**k yeah 2020 is gone
mateo peyton
mateo peyton پیش 25 روز
F the sol movie I want the Pokémon series back!!!
Gamers Life TV
Gamers Life TV پیش 27 روز
When are you going to announce the winner
Hime Vlogs
Hime Vlogs پیش 27 روز
You da best
mdmgaming714 vayda
mdmgaming714 vayda پیش 28 روز
I hate taco bell now they took away the chicken burrito
Andre TheKid
Andre TheKid پیش 29 روز
What is the title of the video? And I hope all you are doing well
samu dugy
samu dugy پیش 29 روز
how did Mr.Goodman get rich
Darkness پیش ماه
Jael Bass
Jael Bass پیش ماه
Mai_Today پیش ماه
Who else though Lovell was smoking but it was just a Lilly pop lol
Nicho Spindel
Nicho Spindel پیش ماه
Jack Kennedy gacha life
Jack Kennedy gacha life پیش ماه
OoOoO free MoNeY
Janet Gutierrez
Janet Gutierrez پیش ماه
I have a PSA 10 Charizard
Juanita Negrete
Juanita Negrete پیش ماه
Not2swifty -_-
Not2swifty -_- پیش ماه
Is that an Audi r8 v10 convertible
7 11
7 11 پیش ماه
Me when I find a dollar and I’m poor Me: I am now RICH
Armando Berrios Montalvo
Armando Berrios Montalvo پیش ماه
I like how the Tesla is not there
Braxdon. 101
Braxdon. 101 پیش ماه
At least Logan can spend 30k on poke me man cards after you know who left.
hedchog team
hedchog team پیش ماه
I love your vids I've been a fan for a yr I've been begging for and lance puppet
Jack the aussie legend
Jack the aussie legend پیش ماه
i'm one of your neighbours i'm just too nervous to walk over to your house
Luis Covarrubias
Luis Covarrubias پیش ماه
Poke Poke
Poke Poke پیش ماه
Thank is so cool
Roberto Lopez
Roberto Lopez پیش ماه
Previous Live
Previous Live پیش ماه
So good to be back into the pokemon community! and even better when you guys making a behind the scenes of juniors pokemon cards anyways god bless you all and stay legendary
SamRi Jack
SamRi Jack پیش ماه
Sml idea: jeffy becomes a turdel
SavageBeastMode پیش ماه
Probably the only kinds good thing about getting no the cough cough is you might not get it again only on person has had it twice
Chronic پیش ماه
Tepig 2000
Tepig 2000 پیش ماه
Ew poor
FGE best
FGE best پیش ماه
Why you leaving the house
Cehsu پیش ماه
Does he have a perfomonte wtf
jeffy gemr pro 98skouta
jeffy gemr pro 98skouta پیش ماه
jeffy gemr pro 98skouta
jeffy gemr pro 98skouta پیش ماه
I'm soo sorry sorry bro😅🥺I'm soo sorry bro bay
jeffy gemr pro 98skouta
jeffy gemr pro 98skouta پیش ماه
Wow dood yo FAUCKN noob man I'm soo sorry
jeffy gemr pro 98skouta
jeffy gemr pro 98skouta پیش ماه
Wat ar yo FAUCKN hay yo but has fau🤬kn pokimon wat🤬 dod an yo buy pokimon cared for yo hack
jeffy gemr pro 98skouta
jeffy gemr pro 98skouta پیش ماه
I'm FAUCKN noob for FAUCKN Among us may bro his say I'm noob an I'm say 🤬yo bro ay FAUCKN klld yo but his say ok ok yo pro
jeffy gemr pro 98skouta
jeffy gemr pro 98skouta پیش ماه
An at si 🤬to siri
jeffy gemr pro 98skouta
jeffy gemr pro 98skouta پیش ماه
I'm nat good may siri his say 🤬 yo bilal may nime bilal
jeffy gemr pro 98skouta
jeffy gemr pro 98skouta پیش ماه
But ar yo nime jeffy
jeffy gemr pro 98skouta
jeffy gemr pro 98skouta پیش ماه
I'm buy jeffy its laik yo jeffy to I'm do good video for jeffy
bryan2 2
bryan2 2 پیش ماه
bryan2 2
bryan2 2 پیش ماه
bryan2 2
bryan2 2 پیش ماه
super bro's plush
super bro's plush پیش ماه
I got a poliwag
moonlight. lover
moonlight. lover پیش ماه
Wassup lance u alright?
plushy world
plushy world پیش ماه
I hope you get recovered from corona virus I know you can do it just stay home
Zane syu PN
Zane syu PN پیش ماه
Titell junior stoll from good man Real titel junior has a death wiss
hoehorn YT
hoehorn YT پیش ماه
Can you guys sell a Goodman puppet that look exactly or sorta like him please 🥺🥺🥺
Logan is skkiiiiinnnnyyyyy
Blanca Melgoza
Blanca Melgoza پیش ماه
baconhairboy پیش ماه
Durr plushie World
Durr plushie World پیش ماه
Logan got that lamb baaaah
Rami MDS
Rami MDS پیش ماه
l m a super fan of super Mario l love your videos
demon time clu
demon time clu پیش ماه
How did they get their Goodman to look like that?
Sml idea: doofy cancelled where doofy gets cancelled then jr and his friends get sad then doofy becums wanted because his show made lots of kids off themselves so he hides in jrs house and then the cops show up and search for him but then will jr and doofy are hiding he adk doofy why he doesn't try to end his life then he says because his life became better and his wife his kids are back and his rich now so his happy so jr aks him if his show will keep going about him killing himself then he says no so jr snichs and doofy gets arrested
RandomYT پیش ماه
“Ewwww poor”
Alphas Classy
Alphas Classy پیش ماه
How the heck did you find a pokemon shop near you with like rare cards
Arem007 claw game winner
Arem007 claw game winner پیش ماه
You can never have to much taco bell 😂
Lemmy Koopa
Lemmy Koopa پیش ماه
Sml idea: Juniors Bubble gum Joseph and Cody get some bubble gum and then junior gets jealous that he tries to get gum and then he talked to a hit man to get gum then the hit man said you have a dollar right junior says ugh no then he goes back to his friends then Joseph gives junior dirty gum and junior puts it in his mouth then he spits it out then says *EW JOSEPH WHAT IS THAT* Joseph says *uhh it’s gum dood* then cody gave junior nice gum that tasted like watermelon or something junior chews Cody’s gum *aka juicy fruit* then juniors mouth gets stuck with gum and chef pee pee tries to open his mouth but he can’t then his dad *CALL AN AMBULANCE* the doctor comes Brooklyn: Omg is that gum let me try then the doctor gets stuck then it’s up to chef pee pee he used plyers and it worked junior said *OMG TY GUYS* then junior go finds candy and he is sad he ate gum then junior says *Im NEVER EVER NEVER EVER eating GUM AGAIn😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭* NO MORE and then chef pee pee buys junior gum then junior eats it then he’s like MMmMM thanks chef pee pee then the video ENDS *THE END* pls heart lance also pin this comment and uhh also pls *MAKE THIS A SML MOVIE*
Mcdonalds food
Mcdonalds food پیش ماه
Guuci guuci nike nike nike dior dior flex dior dior flex
Liamanater S
Liamanater S پیش ماه
I realised that harry is based pff harry potter
American Shadow 95
American Shadow 95 پیش ماه
Do the Thanksgiving dinner video this year. SML didn't do it last year.
Joshua graham
Joshua graham پیش ماه
I have a shadow a scrubber
Joshua graham
Joshua graham پیش ماه
IEyeshadow is Eevee
Guavà Juice
Guavà Juice پیش ماه
Nigga where tf is pob
Morivogs Bros
Morivogs Bros پیش ماه
I haven’t peed in a week then pees out water
Alexander Kendrick
Alexander Kendrick پیش ماه
So that's how Logan gets his money now
Alexander Kendrick
Alexander Kendrick پیش ماه
I know
Puckbunny Princess
Puckbunny Princess پیش ماه
You just answered your own question
NoHype پیش ماه
Hello lance I may have the cough cough can you give me tips to be safe with it so it does not spread. Thank you
Neko Gibson
Neko Gibson پیش ماه
You have a mew two
Mckinley Turner
Mckinley Turner پیش ماه
Do a Pokémon battle
Enzo Coleman
Enzo Coleman پیش ماه
Logan your a real b
Xavior Prince
Xavior Prince پیش ماه
I thought Joseph was rich... Or poor. Which one?!?!
Rut Roh Raggy
Rut Roh Raggy پیش ماه
SML Idea: Chef PP’s Pokémon Card. (The Sequel) Chef PP begins to acknowledge what Bowser junior told him about the Pokémon cards, and a old memory comes to him where he collected Pokémon cards in the early 90’s as a kid. As he goes into the attic he begins looking forensically for his old toy box.......and he finds the card, he actually finds the card. Him giddy with excitement begins shoving the Pokémon card into juniors face showing that he’s gonna be rich and finally will be freed from his shackles as an under-payed family chef. As he is walking to the store to sell the Pokémon card to Chris Tall Balls, a bird swoops in and lands a crap directly on his Pokémon Card.
Master Dioblos
Master Dioblos پیش ماه
how do you hold your laugh while your filming
Jasyl Garcia
Jasyl Garcia پیش ماه
Your next video should be Rosalina ex boyfriends meet for the first time (dmoney) and roaslinas other ex boyfriend and mario ends up coming and (dmoney) wants to fight rosalinas other ex and rosalina has to pick who she wants to be her boyfriend which she picks mario
French Fries
French Fries پیش ماه
Lance, remember the double rainbow?😂
Ma1pricy پیش ماه
Bro I watch a 10 year old and Logan was all like lance is a double rainbow and you did this 👆
Yesbroismetwist Yesbroismetwist
Yesbroismetwist Yesbroismetwist پیش ماه
do you guys have kof kof
Dinosaur Girls
Dinosaur Girls پیش ماه
I love these videos I’ve been watching yalls channel ms for years
Mrmanof123 پیش ماه
Wow I don’t know where I would be without sml it is the best
Lance fan13
Lance fan13 پیش ماه
Landon Morris
Landon Morris پیش ماه
I HaVe EXERCIzeeedd the demon... this house is clearr
Sean Phillips
Sean Phillips پیش ماه
Hey lance! U and sml should do a car collection video
LordWebz123 پیش ماه
1000 comment
Dellas Frasierr
Dellas Frasierr پیش ماه
Dellas Frasierr
Dellas Frasierr پیش ماه
Allen Meister
Allen Meister پیش ماه
Where’s the peach car
Aiden Maldonado
Aiden Maldonado پیش ماه
Who’s blue car is that
Sharon Nelson
Sharon Nelson پیش ماه
Can I have one pls I’m your biggest fannnnnnnnnnn💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚
Jordan Littles
Jordan Littles پیش ماه
Lance what is you favorite video and my fav character is jeffy that’s it and PP
relaxinglyrecks Gaming
relaxinglyrecks Gaming پیش ماه
Who’s r8 is that is it lance
MrPug_035 پیش ماه
I’m being honest you guys should make a Sponge Bob episode and say like 1 hour later or 3 years later
Magnus Steinlage
Magnus Steinlage پیش ماه
Don’t you guys still have COVID?
Kyng Panther
Kyng Panther پیش ماه
Sml idea: Black Yoshi's Brother Black Yoshi finds out he has a long lost brother from Britain (Green Yoshi or White Yoshi) and finds out his new brother only plays PS4 and Madden and HATES Call of Duty and XBOX. Then the plot takes on from there. DM me at Kyngpanther on Instagram for more
Christian Corpus
Christian Corpus پیش ماه
Lol gimme you’re pokiman cards
AlphaWolf پیش ماه
SML idea: smart jeffy returns and Mario feeds smart jeffy greeen beans and smart jeffy and normal jeffy are fighting for control and they try and get rid of each other but Brooklyn guy comes in with a mind separater and seprates smart jeffy from normal jeffy and smart jeffy fights normal jeffy but officer’s top and bottom com in and bottom sais “ Officer top I wanna get in on that fight”. Officer top goes ya but in bed they both say at the same time hey than they separate both jeffys and than Brooklyn guy tries to arrest smart jeffy but can’t tell them apart than gets rosalina and Mario to tell them witch is normal jeffy Mario wants to keep smart jeffy but rosalina wants normal jeffy then Mario agrees with rosalina and Brooklyn guy takes smart jeffy into custody and smart jeffy sais I’ll be back Ps love your Chantal and Logan’s Chanel lance
Joseph Del Rio
Joseph Del Rio پیش ماه
Brendan Akturk
Brendan Akturk پیش ماه
Tell logan to make another pokemon seris
Linda Livingston
Linda Livingston پیش ماه
Lance I loveeeeeee you I always watch you every day I really really love you
B1itZpluto پیش ماه
SML Idea: Benjamin’s first thanksgiving
Sml Fan
Sml Fan پیش ماه
I never got Pokémon cards and I will never have the Pokémon cards btw u guys are amazing 🤩 don’t stop the hard work and stay safe btw bye.
Dr. Banana
Dr. Banana پیش ماه
Video Idea
Dr. Banana
Dr. Banana پیش ماه
Ya a poke me man card costing more then Mario’s house pay meant
SML Movie: Bowser Junior's Pokemon Cards!
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