Does SML Have The Cough Cough?!?!

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Lance Thirtyacre

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Hawk Gaming
Hawk Gaming پیش روز
Hope you all get better
Sandy c
Sandy c پیش 2 روز
Did he ask her to marry her look at her hand
yangyang supremacy
yangyang supremacy پیش 5 روز
It was probably because of Logan’s girlfriend partying without masks!! Stop being irresponsible this covid is real but you don’t care
MHA streakcrown gamer 2007
MHA streakcrown gamer 2007 پیش 9 روز
Today i was tested positive
Elizabeth Allen
Elizabeth Allen پیش 13 روز
Not to be rude right now
Elizabeth Allen
Elizabeth Allen پیش 13 روز
What about Pablo's mom is she negative for the Coronavirus too
DRExplanation پیش 13 روز
Whelp, rip Logan his skinny self means that he has a bad immune system 😢
ussr russia
ussr russia پیش 22 روز
wear the fudge is teeds and weard chilliy
XMarcus Gaming
XMarcus Gaming پیش 24 روز
Well damn test positive there goes jeffy
LEGENDGAMER8292 پیش ماه
Do they still have coronavirus?
Koolguyplayer1-mecha team leader Player1
Koolguyplayer1-mecha team leader Player1 پیش ماه
The COVID will be over in January 7 2021
Zen plays FN
Zen plays FN پیش 15 روز
imranYT GAMING پیش ماه
hope you get better
slav nugget
slav nugget پیش ماه
Lance said he won't say pp and he said it
slav nugget
slav nugget پیش ماه
Press F to pay respects
Ricardo AlanisBlood drip
Ricardo AlanisBlood drip پیش ماه
Make a Jeffy video of him going to Paris
Mikethewolf3000 Pro
Mikethewolf3000 Pro پیش ماه
Hopefully they have the cure for Covid before Christmas
Zen plays FN
Zen plays FN پیش 15 روز
Well they have it
Zen plays FN
Zen plays FN پیش 15 روز
Arafat Syed
Arafat Syed پیش ماه
Make sure that you guis stay safe. I technically feel bed that you guys have it because you guys can’t taste or smell anything
Typical Canaan 1
Typical Canaan 1 پیش ماه
WizRdY پیش ماه
U guys should’ve drink vinegar
Motionless Perception
Motionless Perception پیش ماه
Considering that they went to many public places and only wore a mask a few times I’m surprised that it took this long. I’m still a fan don’t kill me.
yertopl پیش ماه
I hope you all feel better
I Shark Vibes
I Shark Vibes پیش ماه
They’re enabling the test mode at my school Meaning I have to get tested every day
Fawk Mee
Fawk Mee پیش ماه
When we get vaccinated, do we get our taste back?
Machery پیش ماه
I mean the coronavirus is not that strong as it use to but hope you guys get well
Roblox gamer 1
Roblox gamer 1 پیش ماه
game vencure
game vencure پیش ماه
U guys r so positive when u guys r in the experience hope u all cure
Arafat Syed
Arafat Syed پیش ماه
You shouldn’t be filming videos well you have it because it is going to be getting more worst then you think it would be
Abeer Aaaa
Abeer Aaaa پیش ماه
I Do Not wet SML Did 😭😢😫🙏
Log پیش ماه
Don't worry I got it asswell
Noah Studios
Noah Studios پیش ماه
Anthony Murillo
Anthony Murillo پیش ماه
My mom can't smell food am scared she has the cough cough
Anthony Murillo
Anthony Murillo پیش ماه
Thank you carmen
Carmen Gauthereau
Carmen Gauthereau پیش ماه
I hope not wish you the best:)
My Doge Redemption
My Doge Redemption پیش ماه
She has it she gonna die 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
Chandra Feliciano
Chandra Feliciano پیش ماه
Lance get get toxic waste candy
Thomas Gorbutt
Thomas Gorbutt پیش ماه
I've been tested 3 times for cough cough
Adil Miah
Adil Miah پیش ماه
If you 're tested positive you have COVID -19
My Doge Redemption
My Doge Redemption پیش ماه
No shit Sherlock
TC galaxy
TC galaxy پیش ماه
School students : *GETS COVID* School nurse:ICE
QualifIce Official
QualifIce Official پیش ماه
I got tested positive to but I wasnt sick or anything
James Parks III
James Parks III پیش ماه
Well I send my prayers 🙏,but the way id look at it is that god wants you and that he sees your in pain and,well id look at it is that you can all eat way healthier now and again I send my prayers and get better soon!
Michael Whale
Michael Whale پیش ماه
the tears in her eyes
Gavin Carr
Gavin Carr پیش ماه
Them: gets Corona 3 weeks later: WE GONNA GIVE AWAY A Ps5 AND A Xbox x SERIES
Diego Devito3198
Diego Devito3198 پیش ماه
Their symptoms didn’t worsen and probably got tested again and it was negative
Danielle Ortega
Danielle Ortega پیش ماه
Haleigh Randall
Haleigh Randall پیش ماه
Sweaty Snags
Sweaty Snags پیش ماه
Pray 4 sml crew
lil nate
lil nate پیش ماه
the cough cough 😷 😭
Breanne Hernandez
Breanne Hernandez پیش ماه
jk poop lol
SFL_Clan page
SFL_Clan page پیش ماه
Use boiling water to get rid of it
Coolbrainyguy پیش ماه
Times when the boys cried
Jamal Binns
Jamal Binns پیش ماه
NO!!!!🤬😡 You guys are my favorite entertainment
Mario-Kirby Bros
Mario-Kirby Bros پیش ماه
Z-pack, hydrocloric wind is the cure
Philliesphan444 _2
Philliesphan444 _2 پیش ماه
Logan: idk how I got COVID-19 yeah, I wonder too! it couldn’t possibly be from the 5 times you went to Disney world
ar0n پیش ماه
Btw guys I have it too I think. Just go it
Hamid Bah
Hamid Bah پیش ماه
are u tested negative for corona virus because it’s been 3 weeks
Bianca Rico
Bianca Rico پیش ماه
gene ooi
gene ooi پیش ماه
I love how they are acting so chill when they have cof cof XD
LeaveItAllToDonut پیش ماه
This is not Peepee It’s dookiee
gerald dickey
gerald dickey پیش ماه
One like one prayer
gerald dickey
gerald dickey پیش ماه
Fight it
gerald dickey
gerald dickey پیش ماه
gerald dickey
gerald dickey پیش ماه
Omg don’t die
Big Behz Cr1tic
Big Behz Cr1tic پیش ماه
Not being mean but It’s crazy to think you have a disease that’s originated from china within you as you’re with other people
zucre Enter
zucre Enter پیش ماه
i love all vídeos of a sml and get better
Ducky Luck
Ducky Luck پیش ماه
Stay safe guys keep on moving and stay strong
mama Smurf75
mama Smurf75 پیش ماه
Had it early August and my taste and smell is still screwed up.
Force Dubies
Force Dubies پیش ماه
6:43 I have that same cup as Logan 😃😃
Force Dubies
Force Dubies پیش ماه
If Jeffy had the cough cough he could finally eat green beans all he wanted
bananaman lol
bananaman lol پیش ماه
I had to get testing but luckily I tested negative.
Joyce Evangelista
Joyce Evangelista پیش ماه
My eyes where like that to
Squirtle Gaming
Squirtle Gaming پیش ماه
Hope you get better
Grant Golemi
Grant Golemi پیش ماه
Logan got the cough cough on my bday 11/4
Killswitch the Clown
Killswitch the Clown پیش ماه
COVID gettin that 25 kill streak
Aster Beyene
Aster Beyene پیش ماه
Stay safe yall
PLEbBtwYT پیش ماه
I’m crying I’m
NinjaLlama The first
NinjaLlama The first پیش ماه
U got from the cat
crossing's universe
crossing's universe پیش ماه
I hope they know that positive means you do not have it and negative means you have it....
I Fawnical
I Fawnical پیش ماه
“Can the factory come back on” Logan wtf
South Redmond TOXIC
South Redmond TOXIC پیش ماه
I feel sorry for you and I know what it it feels like because, my mom , dad , my 2 year old brother, and 10 year old me , it feel horrible but we don't have it no more .
amy-leigh jones
amy-leigh jones پیش ماه
I have covid and my taste is off but it isn’t gone
Arturo Ponce
Arturo Ponce پیش ماه
crap this is f up
SuperPlushPowers پیش ماه
Great. I can only imagine how much the fans are gonna be TOXIC now.
Wassup Boys aka guys
Wassup Boys aka guys پیش ماه
I know I'm late but you guys won't able to eat turkey or smell
Juan E Martinez
Juan E Martinez پیش ماه
All are okay that's only two symptoms
Ice Bear
Ice Bear پیش ماه
Junior gets caught watching the hub
Ima eat yo cookies
Ima eat yo cookies پیش ماه
It’s been 2 weeks already I’m pretty sure they already recovered
ehh پیش ماه
james r
james r پیش ماه
noooooooooooooo positive memes you have the covid
O no 🤧🤧🤧
Gage Mitchell
Gage Mitchell پیش ماه
I got covid can I join you guys
Carol Nuss
Carol Nuss پیش ماه
Carol Nuss
Carol Nuss پیش ماه
girly lanna
girly lanna پیش ماه
It's actually corona virus
Altima Sniper
Altima Sniper پیش ماه
That’s kind of sad tho that they have the cough 😷 but there still making videos and I’m happy about that
JeanSummers پیش ماه
Am I the only one who kinda seen it coming? They didn’t want to wear mask and didn’t want to social distance until now and now they are trying to tell people to wear mask and distance. They were basically asking for it. Oh well. Didn’t expect much from people from Florida anyways.
G7626 پیش ماه
Delaney Binger
Delaney Binger پیش ماه
Why is The Jeffy backpack so expensive
Past پیش ماه
5:52 the way Logan Grabbed Pumpkin 😂😂
Nethtor پیش ماه
Carmen Gauthereau
Carmen Gauthereau پیش ماه
Bethey Mays
Bethey Mays پیش ماه
I hope you all get through and that you'll be safe and covid is just crazy you're my favorite IRpostr and I'm sad that you know you have covid-19 but I hope you stay safe but I love your Jeffy videos They make me laugh so much💙💜🖤💛
TTVAwsome پیش 2 ماه
I like how you make so amazing so many times and I love your videos
Seth Baldwin
Seth Baldwin پیش 2 ماه
I’m glad there’s only like a week until poobie is back to filming videos
Jeffrey fan 2000
Jeffrey fan 2000 پیش 2 ماه
Wheres cody and broklen t guy is almost thanksgiving and Christmas
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